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Have your own Torture Garden Party with us!

Torture Garden Party by Agency Elite Discreet         Torture Garden News Torture Garden is the world’s largest & most famous fetish / body art club. Featuring monthly London events at various venues for up to 2500 people, regular events in Edinburgh and Brighton, and international tour events in Rome, Tokyo, New York, […]

Full body energy orgasm with tantric massage

A tantra massage is a unique experience in which affectionate and refined touch is used in order to open and relax. The strokes in a tantra massage are very gentle and slow helping you to feel complex pleasant sensations all over the body, triggering an intense flow of erotic energies while you are fully present […]

Having sex is better than going to the gym!

Maybe bypass the gym tonight and call us to try it?   Forget the gym, because sex is the best workout! What could possibly keep you fit, look after your immune system, and beat the wrinkles? Sex, that’s what. We know that if you want to be better at your job, just have more sex, and […]

The 7 Most Common Sexual Fantasies and What to Do about Them

The 7 Most Common Sexual Fantasies and What to Do About Them   Fantasies are totally normal Let’s start by saying everyone has sexual fantasies. Yep, the entire human race has a mind that drifts to the gutter at least some times. Many folks feel ashamed of their turn-ons and inner erotic thoughts, but “no […]


    The elusive G Spot that so many men and women have been searching for over the last few decades, may well in fact, be non-existent!  I’m sure hearing this news will cause relief, confusion and indignance  in equal measures, and certainly disbelief for those who claim to have either found it in others […]

5 Ways to spice up your sex live

Get busy in public or outdoor What makes this exciting for most people is the possibility of getting caught. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be careful. Public sex can happen anywhere and in any way. You don’t always need penetration. Bring a sex toy. Slip your hand under your partner’s skirt or […]

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