Marble Arch, London, UK


From the moment you meet Maria, you’ll feel a sense of familiarity – like you’ve known each other a lifetime. Even if you’re new to escorting, her easy-going and thoughtful nature will help you feel at ease and ready to share in the sensual joys of a good time together. Maria do love a good time – a good conversation, in a bustling club, at an elegant dinner, or curled up in bed. She thrive’s on connection; it stimulates her. Both physically and mentally.

Maria love to laugh, and  love to listen. She love the simple pleasures of relaxation and intimacy. Hanging onto your every word, even as your hand sneaks up her thigh or brushes her hair softly from her face. But don’t let her naturally warm nature fool you, a devilish streak of hedonism runs thoroughly through her blood. The sound of sweet, sinful nothings whispered in her ear. Losing youselves  in the pure bliss of exploring each and every one of your secret fantasies. The feel of soft sheets on her skin. Maria love the thrill of desire, and feeling desired by  men…

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