South Kensington, London, UK



Welcome and thank you for choosing to fly with Melek Airways on flight М69 where your journey is as important as the arrival at your destination. It is easy to understand that each person requires a different experience and so it is a priority to deliver a service tailored to suit one’s needs.

With Melek Airways your sacks are handled with a great care. Flying with dangerous goods is encouraged and recommended- one may contact us via email or mobile prior to check in, with specifics so personal experience can be prepared in advance.
Now please buckle up and remain seated as the hostess explains the safety procedures.
When the seatbelt sign is turned off do not remain seated for the entire flight. We recommend you move around as you wish and explore all that there is in the cabin. Do not be shy, we are here to entertain and give an unforgettable experience. In the event of turbulence, it is advised that you hold on and enjoy the ride.
The Melek High Club is a frequent flyer program and points are redeemable with entertainment during long flights.
1 hour£200£250 + taxi
1.5 hour£300£350 + taxi
2 hours£400£450+taxi
Additional hour£200£200
Dinner date£800£850+taxi
Overnight£1500£1500 + taxi

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