The elusive G Spot that so many men and women have been searching for over the last few decades, may well in fact, be non-existent!  I’m sure hearing this news will cause relief, confusion and indignance  in equal measures, and certainly disbelief for those who claim to have either found it in others or themselves.

The G Spot was named after a German gynaecologist – Ernst Grafenberg who suggested in the 1950s that there was a dense network of nerve endings within a vagina which, if stimulated correctly could bring about intense orgasm; a very recent study however, has suggested that this is not the case and there is simply an even distribution of nerves instead.

The term G Spot was actually coined in the 80s by American sexologists and then followed a new wave of marketing sex toys and treatments apparently geared to help stimulate the G Spot, and to this day is still an industry which is making millions.

So the cynic in me could be forgiven for wondering if we have been sold a porkie pie; but as we know, not everything can be proven by scientists.  Science may have not been able to find the G Spot, but anecdotally & personally – I know many people who have.

Hannah Hunter