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Torture Garden News

Torture Garden is the world’s largest & most famous fetish / body art club. Featuring monthly London events at various venues for up to 2500 people, regular events in Edinburgh and Brighton, and international tour events in Rome, Tokyo, New York, LA and around the world.

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, all club events are TBC until further notice. However, from September we’ll be running The Pearl Necklace, which is a seated dining experience, so we can offer our customers a little taste of the club whilst we’re unable to run full scale events.

Due to the new restrictions on closing times for bars and restaurants, we will be putting our events on sale on a week by week basis, until we’re a bit more certain of how long specific restrictions will be in place. We’re still hopeful that our Halloween, Xmas & NNYE Pearl Necklace events (plus a few in between) will still be going ahead. Please check our social media or sign up to the newsletter (form at the bottom of the page) for further updates.